The Adoption Home Study

When you apply to adopt a child, you will be required to complete an adoption home study report or assessment before you can be approved.

Sometimes prospective adopting parents are afraid to complete these adoption home studies. Not because they’re hiding something, but simply because they are not sure what to expect from them.


For this reason, it is wise to do some research. Websites, blogs and books all provide some very good information about child adoptions. You can contact social workers or even adoption agencies to learn more about the adoption process in which you and your family will have to go through during an adoption.

Some Requirements of an Adoption Home Study

Family Background

A social worker will be assigned to you and your family and you will have to share some of your personal life with them. They will want to know about your childhood, your relationship with your parents and siblings.

If you are married, the social worker will ask about your relationship together, past and present. Your spouse will also be asked the same questions.

Must See Home Study Requirements

Other questions that will be asked are things like:

*How you have dealt with success and failure in your life?

*What have you learned from the many key events that have transpired in your life?

Income Information

In order to adopt a child you don’t have to be a millionaire, however, the social workers or adoption agency will look into your household earnings. They just want to be sure that your family budget can accommodate the expenses of a child.

Physical And Mental Health Information

You will likely be asked about your, mental, emotional and psychological health. It’s pretty important that every member of your household is healthy and free of any infectious diseases or life threatening illnesses that might affect the new child who is coming into your family.


The status of your relationship is something that your social worker will want to know if you are planning to adopt a child. They will want to know how you communicate with each other, how you express your feeling towards each other, how you solve problems and make decisions.

As a single applicant, the worker will be interested in your social life and how you will integrate the new child into your life.

Additional important aspects of the adoption home study are daily routines, police checks, religion and medical reports from your doctor. References, neighborhood assessments, training and the social worker’s recommendation.

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