Making the Right Choice When Adopting a Child

There is no doubt in my mind, that adopting a child has become more popular due to the many adoptions being made by celebrities and by the TV documentaries being aired. However, the main and most important decision that you will need to address will be the choosing of the child you wish to adopt.

So, how do you choose the child you want to adopt?

While you may find a few pointers in choosing a child to adopt, the steps CAN’T teach interested adopting parents how to “feel” for their soon-to-be-adopted child. For some, there is an instant connection felt between the child and you.

Remember that while all children are said to be beautiful because each is considered to be a gift from God, there are compatible matches between children put up for adoption and adopting parents.

Therefore, just like marriage, the commitment to adopt must be present, and spending time with the child you intend to adopt is very crucial before you take the final step of adopting a child.

What to expect

You will receive required training – it can include anything from how to change diapers to how to broach certain subjects or questions that adopted children may ask at any age.

An interview will be conducted – it is not uncommon to be interviewed several times by a social worker.

This important step is not meant to frustrate you, but is set up more to ensure a compatible adoption. Also you will soon learn if you are truly cut out to be a parent once these interviews begin.

Health statements, income statements and home visits.

Background checks are done in a respectful and thorough manner. Agencies understand that your past is just that, your past. They really want to know who you are now! With that being said, please be honest in bringing up past experiences you are not proud to admit occurred but from which you have learned.

After all we all know there are biological parents out there who have made mistakes in the past. A personal statement that describes who you are is essential and also references are going to be needed. It is best the adoption agency learns any thing remotely “fishy” about you from you, and not someone else.

If you are not clear about all the adoption procedures and if the whole concept of adoption is new to you, then it would be advisable that you read stories regarding child adoption.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the experiences of other adopting parents, I suggest you have your adoption agency schedule a meeting with other couples and individuals who have experienced child adoption.

During this time, if you have any specific concerns about adopting from a different culture, you could look for answers from experienced parents who have adopted a child from the said culture.

And above all, before adopting, make sure you have the parenting skills, the time and love to give the child a wonderful environment where they can grow up and thrive.


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