Finding a Birth Mother – Tips For Prospective Adoptive Parents

It is somewhat of a challenge finding a birth mother when you want to adopt a child. If you have decided that you are going to go with the option of “independent adoption” it will be crucial that you find a child that is right for you and your family.

For most of us we think that it is just unimaginable that any mother would willingly give their child to another. However, due to certain circumstances, there will always be women who will give up their kids for adoption.

Some women are too young or cannot financially raise their child. Other children are born to an unwanted pregnancy. In order to ensure that their child has a good future, they would prefer to entrust them to willing and able couples.

All things considered, it is essential that you locate a biological mother who is prepared and willing to give up her child. The likelihood of you simply bumping into a birth mother is probably NOT going to happen. However, if you know how and where to look, chances are you can expect positive results from your effort.

What Are Some of the Different Methods You Can Use in Finding a

Birth Mother?

A Letter to Agencies

The most dependable method for your search is to contact a placement agency. First write a letter to an agency stating your willingness and capability to adopt.

Include a profile of yourself and your family. In the letter you can express your desire in finding a birth mother with whom you can work with.

The placement agency will carefully consider your letter upon seeing your qualifications as potential adoptive parents. Once they have approved you, the agency will then match you with some birth mothers in their care or contact.

The biological mother will be given the profile of you and then you will meet with her. This will help her to decide which adoptive parents she will entrust her child to.

Newspaper Ads

A few people resort to posting ads in newspapers with the belief that by doing this, they will be able to reach potential birth mothers. There is really nothing illegal in doing so. However, this can be subject to certain risks.

So be wary of this. There are birth parents that may try to extort money from the adoptive parents. Keep in mind that It is illegal to literally adopt a baby in exchange for money.

Internet Services

The Internet can also serve as another venue for your search. Chances are the biological mother you locate will be from a different geographic area. Therefore, child adoption legal requirements will probably differ. So be sure that you have an adoption attorney to assist you.

Finding a birth mother is definitely a big challenge to prospective adopters, and keep in mind that giving up a child is never easy for a woman. As such, just be persistent in your efforts and stay true to the commitment of giving a good future to a prospective adopted child.

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